Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May= productive month for me!

Hey y'all!

   May has been such a busy month for me!
    On Victoria day weekend I went to a christian youth camp! We had games, sessions, sports, small groups and awesome food! I had so much fun, as always. This year's theme was Star trek: Boldly go. It was awesome, because I am a huge fan of Star Trek, so I knew a few of the trivia questions that were used for some of the games!
      A week ago, I passed my road test! Now I am officially a licensed driver. So excited!

    I have another busy month in June, lots of graduation celebrations, and church retreats!  I`ll keep you posted :)

  Peace for now!

    P.S I would like to wish my mom a Happy Bleated Birthday :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spring is the time for exciting things!

Hey y'all!

    I have a few things to write about today!
    First, this past weekend, I had an amazing time in central newfoundland with my other homeschool friend at our graduation! I had so much fun, and got some really cool gifts! We wore cap and gowns, got our high school certificates, acted out a funny skit and had amazing food with awesome friends and family!  It was a very enjoyable weekend. It was really worth the six hour drive. I have attached a photo of it.

     Second, today I wrote my final exam for The Natural Health Fundamentals course and I think it went very well. I have now finished one course out of seven, so excited! So now I am going to start The Sports and fitness Nutrition program. I am sure learning a ton!

     Also, if you have any suggestions of some awesome recipes, Send them along ,I would love to see them!
      May is turning out to be a crazy busy month. I have some more exciting things coming up in the next few    weeks, and I will be sure to write about them soon!

  Peace! :)