Sunday, 26 February 2012

Someone like you piano cover! :)

Hey y'all!

   As I have said, I love piano and have been playing for about 10 and a half years now! So I thought I would share a recent song I learned called Someone like you by Adele.

   Enjoy (:

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What's next?

Hey y'all!

   So as you know,at the moment, I am studying to be a CNC through The Alive Academy of Natural health. So what are my plans after? Well I am not completely sure at the moment... but i would like to study to be a Massage Therapist and maybe set up my own practice of Health consulting. How did I become interested in Massage Therapy? Well same kind of a deal as my interest in Holistic Nutrition.

   About a couple of years ago when my mom was at her most critical point of her health issues, I found a way to make her feel better.. at least a little bit anyway. Since my mom's hand was aching i decided to rub it...she enjoyed it and it made her feel a bit better and I enjoyed making her feel better. I would love to make people feel better and that is why i am aiming for a career of being a CNC and in a few years, a Massage Therapist.

     Peace for now! :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Arrival at Last!

Hey y'all!

  So I received most of my Nutritional consulting program materials the other day! I started the first course yesterday and am enjoying it so far! These pictures attached is mostly all of my books(except for two that still have to arrive).

   I'll keep you y'all posted :)

    Peace for now!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

To diet For!

Hey y'all :)

Today i thought i would recommend an awesome program! It may not be for everyone but I know for me and my family this diet is working wonders. It has given me new found energy and has just over all made me feel better. There are four books--one for each blood type(A,B,AB and O). The picture i have attached is the B type book, but like i said use according to your blood type. So i just thought i'd share what has given me a tremendous amount of energy and made me feel overall healthy!

 P.S.....I have made a new poll on my blog down at the bottom of the home page and i will be posting a new one weekly! :)

 Well that's all for now. Peace for now :)                                  

Monday, 13 February 2012

Natural Health-- how I became interested.

   Hello y'all! So I am almost all registered and ready to start my nutrition consulting  program! By now you're probably wondering how it all started... when i became interested in the natural health field. 
    Well, it all started four years ago when my mother started to have several health issues. Of course her first instinct(not knowing where to turn) she went to the hospital and doctors to find an answer to get her back together. She went  to different doctors, who didn't know what the problem was at all. They prescribed medications that didn't make it better they just arose new symptoms and made her feel even worse. So with her last hope she decided to try a Naturopath(Which she had recommended to her). Both my mother and I saw a huge difference in her health. She was getting her energy and motivation back. It was amazing how she felt and how much she improved in little time. Just last year I thought i had nothing to lose going to see a Naturopath, since I was always feeling tired and sluggish. I would say like a week after I saw the Naturopath... i started feeling a lot better and just more alive. Today, my mom is feeling so much more better than a few years ago.. and she is improving each day. For myself, I am convinced it's the best healing out there. I have felt a lot better and don't get as many colds as what i did. And plus it's not like a regular nutrition diet...( I can even eat a little bit of chocolate!) :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Getting excited!!

Hey y'all!  I have spectacular news... I got accepted into The Alive Academy of Natural Health! I am going to be doing a Nutritional Consulting diploma program! I can't wait to get started since i have always been interested in health and Biology...( yes.. i am a science geek, LOL) So as soon as i get set up, i will be on my way to becoming a CNC! :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Starting off...

Hello everyone!  My name is Brittney and this is my very first post for my blog, and i am very excited to get started. I am 17 years old and am living in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada. I am home-schooled and enjoy playing piano(playing for 10 years now), Guitar, and i sing a little bit also. I am also very interested in Holistic nutrition and hopefully would like to pursue this occupation someday.

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