Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Roller coaster of 2013!

     I just have to start off and say, what a busy year! So many  doors have been opened to new opportunities and although busy,    very productive! 

  I am currently working on my 6th course, Nutrition Studies and  Applications, and 7th course, Nutritional consulting, the last two! I am very excited to be finished and move on to bigger and  exciting things(although this experience has not been shy of  exciting).

   As a result of completing my previous courses, I have
 successfully completed and earned a Certified Sports  Nutritional Consultant (CSNC) and a Certified Holistic      Nutritionist (CHN) designation! So much hard  work but after looking back I am  glad I stuck with it!

  I will be writing now more often to share my opportunities and exciting things happening in my life so keep checking back here for more fun-filled news on this exciting journey. :)