Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Roller coaster of 2013!

     I just have to start off and say, what a busy year! So many  doors have been opened to new opportunities and although busy,    very productive! 

  I am currently working on my 6th course, Nutrition Studies and  Applications, and 7th course, Nutritional consulting, the last two! I am very excited to be finished and move on to bigger and  exciting things(although this experience has not been shy of  exciting).

   As a result of completing my previous courses, I have
 successfully completed and earned a Certified Sports  Nutritional Consultant (CSNC) and a Certified Holistic      Nutritionist (CHN) designation! So much hard  work but after looking back I am  glad I stuck with it!

  I will be writing now more often to share my opportunities and exciting things happening in my life so keep checking back here for more fun-filled news on this exciting journey. :)


Friday, 21 September 2012

Sizzling Summer!

Hey y'all!

    It has been to long since I have written, busy summer I had!
     As you know, for the majority of the summer I was working on my second course, Nutrition for sport and exercise and then I went to Ontario for a visit!  I had amazing time, visiting family and friends, an awesome break for sure.  I have uploaded a picture of my Dad and brother plus my grandparents and I :)


    I took my Nutrition for sport and exercise course exam yesterday and I am pleased to announce that I passed with flying colours! :)  So now I am going to start Anatomy and Physiology course and Nutritional Sciences starting next week. So excited!

   I'll definitely keep you posted on how that is going!

  P.S. Video of me playing "Right here waiting" by Richard Marx coming soon! :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Juicing up summer!

Hey y'all!

  How is everyone's summer going?  Mine is going great! I am more than halfway through my Sports nutrition course and should be done next month! It also has been nice weather here on the rock!

    Today, since it is in the middle of the summer, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce juicing fruits and vegetables.  I started juicing vegetables about a month or two ago, and it comes with a ton of benefits. You can buy juicers at your local department store. It also cools ya down since it is summer and all!  You get tons of vitamins and minerals just by drinking a single glass!  But remember, to get a full glass you will need to juice more watery vegetables/fruits and lots of them! Juicing just vegetables is so healthy but isn't always pleasant to the taste buds... so putting an apple or strawberries or even red peppers into the mix will sweeten it up!

I am currently learning "Right here waiting" by Richard Marx on the piano and when I get it al finished, I will definitely post a video of me playing it!

  Peace for now!

     P.S. This post is my opinion only.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

First day of summer update!

Hey y'all!

    I know it's been a while since I have written, I have been very busy!  
     A few weeks ago I had my home school graduation. The three high school graduates walked in together and received certificates and  new Bible devotional! I performed by playing the piano and they showed a slide show of pictures of the graduates over the last 12 years!  It was so much fun!
     A few days after that, there was a graduation ceremony with my church! I got a NLT bible, which is so useful!
    This past weekend, I went on a church retreat and looked after the 4 and under kids while the sessions were going on. I love little children and enjoyed being a help with them! :)
     My course is going really well and I am learning so much!
          I will continue to write throughout the summer and I have some recipes and events I will like to share with you!


      Peace for now :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May= productive month for me!

Hey y'all!

   May has been such a busy month for me!
    On Victoria day weekend I went to a christian youth camp! We had games, sessions, sports, small groups and awesome food! I had so much fun, as always. This year's theme was Star trek: Boldly go. It was awesome, because I am a huge fan of Star Trek, so I knew a few of the trivia questions that were used for some of the games!
      A week ago, I passed my road test! Now I am officially a licensed driver. So excited!

    I have another busy month in June, lots of graduation celebrations, and church retreats!  I`ll keep you posted :)

  Peace for now!

    P.S I would like to wish my mom a Happy Bleated Birthday :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spring is the time for exciting things!

Hey y'all!

    I have a few things to write about today!
    First, this past weekend, I had an amazing time in central newfoundland with my other homeschool friend at our graduation! I had so much fun, and got some really cool gifts! We wore cap and gowns, got our high school certificates, acted out a funny skit and had amazing food with awesome friends and family!  It was a very enjoyable weekend. It was really worth the six hour drive. I have attached a photo of it.

     Second, today I wrote my final exam for The Natural Health Fundamentals course and I think it went very well. I have now finished one course out of seven, so excited! So now I am going to start The Sports and fitness Nutrition program. I am sure learning a ton!

     Also, if you have any suggestions of some awesome recipes, Send them along ,I would love to see them!
      May is turning out to be a crazy busy month. I have some more exciting things coming up in the next few    weeks, and I will be sure to write about them soon!

  Peace! :)




Thursday, 26 April 2012

Exercise: The key to energy!

Hey y'all!

     I hope everyone is doing good!
      So yesterday I went for and 8km (5 miles) walk in just a little more than a hour. It was so refreshing and relaxing! But of course I was a tad bit tired when I got back!
    Exercise is so much fun, really good for you, and helps you maintain your goal weight! Did you know it also increases your energy and boosts your mood tremendously? Yes, it may not seem like it, but even if you don't feel like going anywhere... once you get up and go for even a little one, it refreshes you immensely!  Just don't forget to stretch before and after! Warming up and cooling down is also so important to make sure your muscles aren't sore the next day!  Just be careful while doing so. :)

   Peace for now! :)

  P.S. This is simply my opinion.