Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fresh new twists to your salad.

Hey y`all!

   So tonight I thought I would talk about something yummy as well as healthy my family has enjoyed for a few weeks now.

   Tired of that plain garden salad? And would like to switch it up? After salad is made(awesome ingredients that go well are Lettuce, red and green pepper, broccoli, red onion,mushrooms and cucumber or whatever works well with your taste buds)...cut up a few blocks of feta cheese into a shredded like appearance and toss in salad , then sprinkle a little bit of the spices dill weed  oregano. Next, cut open a lemon and squeeze lemon juice all over the top of the salad. Lemon is a great liver detoxifier and adds a interesting, fresh twist to your plain old garden salad! Enjoy(:

  Ta ta for now :)

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