Friday, 21 September 2012

Sizzling Summer!

Hey y'all!

    It has been to long since I have written, busy summer I had!
     As you know, for the majority of the summer I was working on my second course, Nutrition for sport and exercise and then I went to Ontario for a visit!  I had amazing time, visiting family and friends, an awesome break for sure.  I have uploaded a picture of my Dad and brother plus my grandparents and I :)


    I took my Nutrition for sport and exercise course exam yesterday and I am pleased to announce that I passed with flying colours! :)  So now I am going to start Anatomy and Physiology course and Nutritional Sciences starting next week. So excited!

   I'll definitely keep you posted on how that is going!

  P.S. Video of me playing "Right here waiting" by Richard Marx coming soon! :)

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