Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What's next?

Hey y'all!

   So as you know,at the moment, I am studying to be a CNC through The Alive Academy of Natural health. So what are my plans after? Well I am not completely sure at the moment... but i would like to study to be a Massage Therapist and maybe set up my own practice of Health consulting. How did I become interested in Massage Therapy? Well same kind of a deal as my interest in Holistic Nutrition.

   About a couple of years ago when my mom was at her most critical point of her health issues, I found a way to make her feel better.. at least a little bit anyway. Since my mom's hand was aching i decided to rub it...she enjoyed it and it made her feel a bit better and I enjoyed making her feel better. I would love to make people feel better and that is why i am aiming for a career of being a CNC and in a few years, a Massage Therapist.

     Peace for now! :)

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